More Tricks than Treats from Coal Industry

In case the horror movies and Hurricane/Frankenstorm Sandy weren’t enough to scare you this Halloween season, a glimpse at the horrors that are unleashed due to the operation of coal fired power plants should send chills down your spine. Recently, Dr. Avner Vengosh, professor of geochemistry and water quality at Duke University, released a terrifying […]

Hurricane Sandy and the Clear Imperative of Climate Action

This blog is the second in a series of blogs examining the impacts of Hurricane Sandy and its connections to extreme weather and climate change. Other blogs can be read here. It is 6:00 pm on Tuesday evening, just 24 hours since the ‘Frankenstorm’ Hurricane Sandy  made landfall along the coast of New Jersey.  As […]

Could TVA achieve 1% Energy Efficiency?

Last week, I shared some thoughts on what a 1% energy efficiency goal could mean for the Southeast with some folks involved in the Tennessee Healthy Energy Campaign. My presentation was focused on how the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and its distributors are doing with their energy efficiency goals, what a 1% energy efficiency goal is […]

Will Hurricane Sandy Affect Wind Farms?

But here’s the good news – Hurricane Sandy is unlikely to do any major damage to wind turbines. Currently, Sandy is expected to hit the coast as a low-level Category 1 storm with winds around 80 miles per hour. Modern wind turbines are designed to protect themselves in extreme weather – including shutting down when winds get too high, even up to a Category 3 hurricane. And that’s exactly what the turbines in Delaware and New Jersey did with Hurricane Irene last year.

Before the Court: SACE Protecting Consumers by Challenging Florida Nuclear Tax

In early October, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy appeared before the Florida Supreme Court to support our argument that Section 366.93, Fla.Stat., which has been dubbed Florida’s “Nuclear Tax,” is not only extremely unfair to Florida Power & Light (FPL) and Progress Energy of Florida (PEF) customers, but more importantly that this early cost recovery […]

The War on Coal Decoded

  After learning of the Stop the War on Coal Act, which shockingly passed the House of Representatives a few weeks ago, I began to wonder where all these people (also known as our elected Representatives) were getting the idea that coal was so under siege by the government and that it was in need of help from the […]

The Tides They Are A-Changin

This is a guest post by Alden Meyer, Director of Strategy and Policy for Union of Concerned Scientists, originally published on the UCS blog, The Equation, on October 11, 2012. Even as all too many politicians continue to question the very existence of human-induced climate change, cities and counties in Florida and other coastal states are already struggling […]

Alabama Getaway: State rejects over $540,000 in federal efficiency funding because of utility and commission

This blog was written by Jimmy Green and Natalie Mims Alabama getaway, getaway. Alabama getaway, getaway. Only way to please me Turn around and leave and walk away. And that’s just what Alabama did. They turned around and walked away from over $540,000 in Federal money earmarked for energy efficiency in the state. After all, […]

Waterkeepers Take Legal Action to Stop Toxic Coal Ash

Waterkeepers Take Legal Action to Stop Toxic Coal Ash from Contaminating Groundwater This blog was originally posted on EcoWatch’s website – click here for the original post. On October 10, conservation groups asked the N.C. Environmental Management Commission(EMC) to require Progress Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Carolinas to clean up groundwater contaminated by old, unlined coal ash […]

Customers should not pay costs of Florida Power and Lights nuclear plant expansion

This post originally appeared in the Palm Beach Post on October 3, 2012. Read the post and view the comments here. A misguided state law that allows large utilities to charge consumers for new nuclear reactors before delivering any power is making things more difficult for Floridians trying to recover from the worst recession in […]