Stop the Madness! U.S. House Passes the Stop the War on Coal Act

“Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made” – John Godfrey Saxe, lawyer/poet. When it comes to one of the newest bills passed by the House, I think I would rather take a tour of one of Upton Sinclair’s slaughterhouses than venture into the warped minds of […]

Congress Fiddles while the Wind Industry Burns

The United States House of Representatives has suspended legislative activity until after November 6th. The House has done this with it’s all-time-low 10% approval rating earning it a status of “Worst. Congress. Ever.” Since Congress hasn’t done its job, thousands of Americans are at risk of losing their jobs in the wind industry. At the end of 2012, […]

Putting the Sun in Sundries: Leading retailers shaming solar-shy southeast

Some of America’s best-known retailers are looking bright when it comes to solar energy. And showing that low costs and high growth go hand-in-hand with solar. Leading the pack in solar energy among retailers is none other than Walmart, whose solar PV panels pack almost as much punch as the entire installed capacity of solar […]

The CSAPR Decision and the Dirty Dealings of Utilities

   UPDATE: On Friday, Oct. 5, 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency asked a federal court to rehear its case for the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule – click here to read more.  To see previous Blog posts regarding interstate air pollution regulations and explaining the rule more specifically, click here. Ever feel like you can’t win for […]

Where Gov. Johnson Stands on Energy

This blog is the fourth in a series of blogs examining the energy positions of Presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.  SACE staff Simon Mahan and Jennifer Rennicks contributed to this post. Note: The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy does not support or oppose candidates or political parties. Links to […]

Duke Energy Merger: Big Changes for Energy Efficiency in the Carolinas

Last week, I wrote about the implications of the Duke-Progress merger on Florida energy efficiency programs. And while Duke’s programs in the Carolinas are better than in Florida, they are by no means “best practice” programs. Fortunately, we’ve got a settlement for that! Late last year, we worked with several allies to reach a settlement covering several […]

Federal Housing Finance Agency can fire up PACE or keep it frozen

There is opportunity available right now to add vitality and long-lasting productivity to our economy by fostering  investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy by homeowners.  However, a key regulator for the mortgage industry bailed-out by the American people has prevented development of this prospect. SACE and our allies are calling on the Federal Housing […]

NWF Releases New Report in Support of Offshore Wind Energy

Yesterday, the National Wildlife Federation, SACE and over 45 partner organizations issued a new report, The Turning Point for Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy: Time for Action to Create Jobs, Reduce Pollution, Protect Wildlife & Secure America’s Energy Future. This report looks at several aspects of offshore wind development, including the environmental and economic benefits, the […]

Duke Energy Merger: Big Changes for Energy Efficiency in Florida

Several weeks ago, I wrote about how the struggle for the future of utilities is reflected in the continuing drama of the Duke – Progress utility merger. I wrote on the occasion of a North Carolina investigation into the closure of the merger. With the drama of a CEO switch receding into yesterday’s news (perhaps), attention is […]

Duke Energy Merger: Glimpsing a Nuclear Future for Florida

Several weeks ago, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy’s John D. Wilson wrote about the continuing drama of the Duke – Progress utility merger that reflects an ongoing struggle for the future of utilities. It has been reported that concerns about Progress Energy’s management of its nuclear fleet were a source of friction between Duke and Progress […]