Energy and Water Collisions: Drought Implications

As we enter the dog days of summer, much of the Southeast region has once again succumbed to drought conditions, especially Georgia and neighboring Alabama. And nationally, drought is plaguing much of the country and affecting not just the “usual” suspects out West–even presumed “water rich” regions including the Southeast and areas along the East […]

After election, questions remain about Plant Washington

While candidates Kaye Shipley, Cheryl Mathis, and Ab Roesel were edged out yesterday in board elections at Snapping Shoals EMC, an Atlanta-area utility co-op, we congratulate them on a hard-fought campaign to bring accountability to their co-op and shed light on its involvement with a controversial coal-fired power plant proposal. The election took place on […]

Fukushima Report Conclusion: Man made Disaster

Earlier this month, the Japanese Independent Investigation Commission released its report on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, concluding that collusion between regulators and the industry, including the utility TEPCO, was a primary factor in creating and exacerbating this ongoing crisis. From construction to emergency response, the physical structure of the plant was not strong enough to […]

Solar and Wind Energy Subsidies Should Continue Forever

This blog, written by Zachary Shahan, was originally posted on Cleantechnica and can be found here. It seems that every day I’m reading (or even writing) about solar and wind energy’s prices and potential without government subsidies — but it is really ridiculous that dropping government subsidies should even be on the table. Amongst the […]

Duke Leadership Hearing Veers Into Substance

Much of yesterday’s utility commission hearing seemed to focus on the personal story of Bill Johnson and his experience during the Duke – Progress merger. The dramatic testimony was likened by one person in attendance to “divorce court.” The North Carolina Utilities Commission seemed interested in both the personal interactions of Duke and Progress leadership, […]

Co-ops withdraw from coal plant with Orwellian twist

On Wednesday morning, July 11, the Newton Citizen reported that three candidates were running for the board of Snapping Shoals EMC, motivated in part by their opposition to the proposed coal-fired Plant Washington and the EMC’s lack of transparency about their spending toward the project. Later that same day, the EMC and Power4Georgians (P4G, the […]

The Devil We Know: Visionary Jim Rogers Meets Southeastern Skepticism

In his book The Climate War, Eric Pooley described Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers as a “silver-tongued devil.”  Today, we may find out if former Progress Energy CEO Bill Johnson agrees. After being ousted as the CEO of the newly merged Duke Energy, Johnson will testify before the North Carolina Utilities Commission which has been the […]

Working Together for a Nuclear Free, Carbon Free Energy Future

A version of the below blog was originally posted by Southern Energy Network’s Florida Organizer, Jacquie Ayala. Find more of her blogs here. She was joined at the SE Nuclear Summit by Southern Alliance for Clean Energy’s High Risk Energy Choices Program Director, Sara Barczak. At the end of June, in the blistering heat of […]

Fossil Fueled Extreme Weather and the Executives of Climate Change

“Welcome to the rest of our lives.” This is a quote from an interview with Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, as he describes the extreme weather we are experiencing with rapidly increasing frequency and intensity across our country and the world. Faced with shocking numbers of record high temperatures and natural disasters, experts are saying […]

Senator Udall Shines a Light on South Carolina and Wind Energy

Yesterday, Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) made a heroic speech on the floor of the Senate to save American wind energy jobs. As the seventh in a series of speeches focusing on wind energy jobs throughout the United States, Senator Udall spoke at length about wind jobs in South Carolina and the production tax credit.