Smart Transportation for Your Summer Travels

Well, it’s that time of year again. As Memorial Day has come and gone and we’ve officially entered summer, it’s time once again to start making travel plans. Every trip begins with a checklist, and with inconsistent gas prices well over three dollars in most states and a growing awareness of climate change and carbon […]

Locally Recycled Solar Powered Biodiesel now in Atlanta

Yesterday, we celebrated the Grand Opening of our new retail biodiesel station in Atlanta.  Attendees learned about the benefits of using our  locally recycled solar-powered biodiesel and this station’s part in the nation’s longest biofuels corridor. Some twenty customers filled up during the event with overwhelming support for B100 (100% biodiesel) over B20 (20% biodiesel)-–all […]

Lies and Renewable Energy

This is the Truth…………………………………..This is a Lie This is what the debate against renewable energy has come to. When down on the mat, and overwhelmed by the widespread public support for renewable energy and its benefits, those who are losing the energy debate turn to the last tactic in the book: lying.

Randy Ellis of TN Speaks Out on EPA Coal Ash Rule Delay

The following is an opinion editorial authored by Randy Ellis and published in the Tennessean on June 20, 2012. Randy is a sixth-generation Roane County resident representing the Harriman, South Harriman, Midtown, Emory Heights and Swan Pond communities as a Republican Roane County commissioner for District 2. Ellis is in debt management leadership with EdFinancial […]

World Wind of a Day

Last Friday was Global Wind Day,  a worldwide event that occurs annually on June 15th.  This day presents an opportunity for children and adults to celebrate wind energy by visiting wind farms, participating in wind events, and learning all they ever wanted to know about wind energy.  As stated on the Global Wind Day website, […]

Sun Rises on Solar Day 2012

Happy Summer Solstice! Today’s the day that solar energy advocates and panel purveyors eagerly await – the longest day, with the most sunshine, of the year. After today, it’s downhill back to fewer light hours, and towards the dark and sad Winter Solstice. To take advantage of the Solstice, a group out of California has […]

Attention Deficit Hawks: Renewable Energy Provides Way Forward

With the 2012 election cycle in full swing, an emerging hot topic has been government subsidies in energy.  Government funding for renewable energy has come under attack, coupled with claims that renewable energy is the Obama administration’s pet project, that it receives disproportionately large sums of money, and so on.  However, when one looks actually […]

Frankly Peaking: Transmission Integration of Wind and Solar

In the Southeast, we dream of a power system largely supplied by renewable energy generation and storage, the kind that is being introduced in other regions of the United States. Up to now, we have heard from our utilities that while they recognize that our region has ample wind and solar potential and that they […]

Community Wind Could Show Power in Numbers

One of the hot topics at AWEA’s Windpower conference last week was community wind.  What makes a wind farm a “community wind” project, you ask?  Community wind projects are generally spearheaded by members of the community in which the project is installed, who wish to directly benefit from the energy produced. As such, the projects […]

Concerned Citizens Speak Out for Clean Air

This blog was written by Anne Kingsbury, SACE Intern. On June 11, 2012 concerned citizens gathered in Charlotte, NC to offer their support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed rule to limit carbon pollution from new power plants. This event, hosted by Mayfield Memorial Missionary Baptist Church, St. Paul Baptist Church, Clean Air Carolina, […]