The Sooner Wind Energy Comes to the Southeast

Clean Line Energy is building a high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line to connect 7,000 megawatts of wind energy from Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas to the Southeast.

Victory: Cobb EMC Pulls Out of Coal-fired Power Plants

Late on the evening of January 24, the board of directors at Cobb EMC made an unprecedented about-face, and voted to freeze the EMC’s funding for two coal-fired power plants: Plant Washington and Plant Ben Hill. Without their biggest investor, these coal plants are now more on the ropes than ever. A consortium of utility […]

VEC Utility Customers More Informed Than Most

Not all electricity bills are created equal, and today we’d like to commend a local utility company on providing their customers with an exceptionally detailed one. Volunteer Energy Cooperative (VEC) provides information and advice beyond what the average national utility bill presents. Last November, John Wilson, SACE’s Research Director, shared with you a study about […]

Tide begins to turn against coal-fired Plant Washington

In Georgia, another coal plant is dead, and murmurs from Cobb EMC indicate that the tide may be turning against construction and pursuit of Plant Washington and its twin coal-fired power plant proposal, Plant Ben Hill. Plant Longleaf, a coal-fired power plant proposed near Blakely, GA, was canceled in December 2011 after millions of dollars and more […]

New EPA GHG Tool and Top 11 Coal Plant Polluters

Last week EPA released a very comprehensive tool by which any member of the public can now easily see just how much global warming pollution their neighborhood coal plant is emitting. Many of the largest GHG emitters are not surprisingly right here in the Southeast. Below is a reposted blog from National Wildlife Federation’s Kendall […]

Carolina on the mind as GOP presidential primaries move to the Palmetto State

With Iowa’s caucuses and New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primaries both in the rear view mirrors, GOP presidential candidates and the media now set their sights on South Carolina, which hosts the next nominating primary on January 21. Candidates and pundits can’t afford to ignore the Palmetto State: South Carolina Republicans have accurately predicted the party’s eventual […]

Dear Coastal Citizens: If You Love the Place You Call Home, Please Read On

Jennifer Rennicks contributed to this post. Dear Coastal Citizens: If you love the place we call home, please read on. I sympathize with those who feel that sea level rise sounds like “doomsday scenario” scare tactics or with the thought that a rising sea enveloping our beloved communities sounds like futuristic science fiction. I must […]

GAO takes a close look at TVA efficiency efforts and expense planning

The federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report in December that takes a hard look at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) energy efficiency efforts and capital expenditure planning. The report recommends that (1) TVA complete its energy efficiency potential study and use that to inform its future energy efficiency efforts, and (2) that the […]