2011 Setting Records in all the Wrong Places

[A recent SACE blogpost on extreme weather and climate change has been modified/updated to serve as a year-end climate action/policy recap for 2011] Setting records is typically an accomplishment we celebrate: running the fastest mile, being the first to achieve a goal or even recovering from the brink of extinction/extirpation. But in 2011, we set […]

Returning Home in the EV, Priceless

OK. I must admit I hate driving but the LEAF has made driving fun again. If you have been following our little holiday adventure and the learning experience  we had, you will be glad to know we are back in Knoxville safe and sound. Well, at least my mother, who was keeping Warren for an extended […]

An Update on our EV Adventure

So we made it to see all the family yesterday. The LEAF is now in Nashville. The trip took a little longer than we planned, about 5.5 hours, including an hour for lunch. We planned for it take a little over 4 hours with the addition of the “charge-up” stops. Driving on the dirty fossil stuff, […]

Offshore Wind in Hot Water?

Earlier this month, NRG Bluewater Wind announced its much-anticipated, Mid-Atlantic offshore wind farm proposals were being put on hold, indefinitely. While this could certainly be viewed as a setback for offshore wind development in the United States, there are a few silver linings. Namely, the hurdles identified by Bluewater Wind were not technological, social or even completely […]

Taking the EV to see Grandma

So we are taking the trip, yes taking the Nissan LEAF from Knoxville to Nashville, TN, about a 185 mile trip. My last post we talked about the new Fast-Chargers that have been deployed along the interstates in TN as part of the EV Project. The fast chargers, if they are all working will make […]

EV Fast Chargers Deploy in Tennessee

So I plugged the Nissan LEAF into a Blink Level 3- Direct Current (DC) fast charger for the first time today. Cool Stuff! This charger is capable of taking the car from a low state of charge up to 80% of full charge in about 20 mins. Level 2 chargers  take 6-8 hrs (using 240 volts, […]

Tis the Season to Harness Old Man Winter

Winter is by far my least favorite season. With the time change, and sinking sun, it gets and stays dark outside much longer than any other season. Not that you’d want to go outside – it’s too cold and windy to do much anyway. Sure, there are some great holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas to […]

Japan Update End of Year Review

SACE’s High Risk Energy Organizer, Mandy Hancock, co-authored this blog. As 2011 comes to an end and we reflect upon the previous year’s activity, for those of us that spend time tracking nuclear energy issues, the tragedy of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan looms large as the most significant accident that has occurred […]

Instead of Coal, Santa and EPA Bring Relief from Toxic Mercury

With less than a week to go before Christmas, you might think that this post is about an early present. In fact, it’s about a late present—two decades late—but it is a fantastic present anyway. Today, after more than two decades of delay, EPA has finally announced strong, life-saving emission limits for mercury from coal […]

Study highlights the growing solar value chain in Tennessee

A recent study released by the Tennessee Solar Institute (TSI) highlights the state’s growing solar value chain as one of the bright spots in Tennessee’s economy, but warns that Tennessee must remain diligent to avoid losing solar-related jobs and business opportunities to neighboring states. The study details a well-diversified solar value chain, with installers, manufacturers, […]