All eyes on COP17 climate talks in South Africa

Thousands of world citizens are once again converging in South Africa to take part in an international gathering observed by a global audience. Unlike attendees at last year’s soccer World Cup, it’s a safe bet that negotiators, government officials, activists and observers from 195 countries at the 17th annual climate talks in Durban, South Africa […]

Our family experience with efficient LED lighting

Energy efficient lighting has never been a more plausible option for your home than it is today. Awareness of coming changes in residential light bulbs is growing. We’ve all seen that the CFL industry has continued it’s upward trend over the last couple of years, but LED markets are expanding rapidly as well; the US […]

Thankful for Alternatives to Coal and Nuclear

Last week, SACE participated in a media flurry over two released reports. The first report documents how America’s traditional power plants (like coal and nuclear) consume vast amounts of freshwater – an invaluable, and increasingly stressed resource here in the Southeast. The second report gives us a path forward – away from dirty, thirsty coal […]

NPR coverage of EVs omits some important facts

I sent the following letter to National Public Radio’s (NPR) Morning Edition, I got a form response. It appears to be regular occurrence on NPR’s Morning Edition to say negative things about electric cars. NPR’s November 21st story focused on the negative aspects of electric vehicles (EVs) and failed to point out some important factual […]

New Leadership Signals Trouble Ahead for Plant Washington

Board of Director elections held Saturday, November 12 at Cobb EMC raised the profile of member dissatisfaction with the Atlanta-area utility co-op’s decision-making and leadership to a new level. New board members swept all four seats in the election by huge margins and will be sworn in at today’s Cobb EMC board meeting (Nov. 22, […]

An Efficient Holiday Season: Cooking Edition

This blog was written by SACE intern Jeannie McKinney. Well readers, it’s that time of year again: the time when temperatures go way down, lights come on earlier, and energy bills go way up. In addition to encouraging winterizing your house for the colder months, we here at SACE wanted to share with you some […]

Georgia Review on Energy and Water in a Warming World Report

To follow our recent blog post about activities in North Carolina last week surrounding the release of the Energy and Water in a Warming World (EW3) initiative’s new report, Freshwater Use by U.S. Power Plants: Electricity’s Thirst for a Precious Resource, here’s a look-back on our events in Georgia. Why release such a report in […]

Week in review on water and energy in NC

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of working in Charlotte, NC with Dr. Peter Frumhoff, Director of Science and Policy with the Union of Concerned Scientists, to release the new Energy and Water in a Warming World Initiative (EW3) report, Freshwater Use by U.S. Power Plants. Peter is one of the key advisers to the […]

There is no free lunch, especially if air pollution is killing you

This blog is one of a series of posts about how the “power of free markets” may be able to help solve climate change. You can view the rest of the posts here. Former Congressman Bob Inglis’ essay calls for conservatives to believe in the “power of free markets” and support a tax swap that creates […]

Energy subsidies in a free market

This blog is one of a series of posts about how the “power of free markets” may be able to help solve climate change. You can view the rest of the posts here. Bob Inglis’ call to “simultaneously eliminat[e] all subsidies” for energy is another way that he believes we can use the “power of free […]