The Growing Wind Industry in Tennessee

This blog was co-authored by Simon Mahan. This is the fourth blog in a series of five where the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy will be highlighting states throughout our region and their role in the wind industry. Tennessee is the proud home to the Southeast’s first, and as yet only, wind farm. Utility customers […]

Tennessee grows its green economy.

The recent release of the Tennessee Green Jobs Report from Tennessee’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development reveals an expanding workforce in the state’s green economy. 43,804 green jobs were counted in 2010 with 3,645 green job vacancies across the state. If just these jobs are filled over the next year, that would represent an […]

EPA Extends Comment Period for Mercury Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that it will extend the comment period for its proposed mercury and air toxics rule by 30 days. The comment period opened in the spring when EPA proposed first-ever national standards for mercury and other air pollutants that result from burning coal. EPA originally intended to accept public […]

Sunspots or Blindspots? Just Another Poor Excuse for Climate Denial

Just last week we blogged about the climate of denial – how the media, politicians and executives with a vested interest in our energy status-quo have effectively confused and even halted the debate on climate change, diverting our society and our economy from moving toward the solutions we need. So perhaps it’s not that remarkable […]

Washington and the Media Fiddle While the World Burns

This week I spent time in the Florida Keys SCUBA diving the coral reefs. As I glided over Sombrero Reef near Marathon, marveling at the biologically rich rainbow of tropical sea life, a sad thought filled my mind. Would my youngest son Warren or my grandchildren ever get to experience this magic of Earth’s diversity? Are […]

The Growing Wind Industry in South Carolina

This blog was co-authored by Katie Stokes. This is the third of five blogs in a series where the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy will be highlighting states throughout our region and their role in the wind industry.       South Carolina’s wind resource is vast; however, no large-scale wind farms have been built […]

Why the Southeast needs to catch up on energy efficiency

Recently, we shared the great news that most utility customers across the Southeastern states that we focus on have or will very soon have access to meaningful energy efficiency programs. By 2015, these efficiency programs are projected to achieve energy savings ten times what they were just a few years ago. We’re excited about that […]

6/21: Japan Nuclear Disaster Update

Three and a half months have passed since Japan was struck by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that led to nuclear meltdowns in three of the six reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi  nuclear facility. The severity of the crisis and the extent to which the government mishandled information is finally, slowly coming to light. As […]

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Highlights the Importance of EPA Climate Rules

The Environmental Protection Agency is imbued with significant authority to limit climate pollutants, according to the United States Supreme Court, but it must remain vigilant against political pressure lest we lose our best defense against the growing levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Earlier today the United States Supreme Court reaffirmed its 2007 ruling that the […]

A Threat or A Promise? Southern Co. May Announce Coal Retirements

Coal utilities like American Electric Power (AEP) and Southern Company are making big threats. They threaten to protect our air, our water and our health. They threaten to provide us with a more stable and diverse portfolio of energy generation, and they threaten to make good business decisions by closing down the oldest and least […]