Scientists debate human influence on climate

The Holocene Climate Debate

Click on this illustration from Real Climate to see what all the controversy is about. If you dare.

OK, it’s time to come clean. There is, indeed, controversy about the role of human activity in driving greenhouse gas emissions and thus our influence on the climate.

Yes, it is still true that 95% of active climate researchers accept the consensus position about the impacts of current human activity on climate change. (Furthermore, there may be no instances of peer-reviewed papers that suggests humans are not causing significant global warming).

But some of these same scientists are vigorously debating whether or not human activity is responsible for relatively slow, modest trend of increasing greenhouse gas concentrations over the past 5,000 years. I suppose these scientists forgot that they are supposed to be ideologically driven (or funded) to promote the global warming “swindle” at all costs.

Or maybe this is just how science works, like it always has.

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