April 28: Japan Nuclear Update

Seven weeks have passed since the massive earthquake and tsunami disaster occurred in Japan. Recent reports have the current death toll at more than 14,000 with more than 11,000 people still unaccounted for and 130,000 people still living in shelters. The situation is also taking a toll on its political leaders as pressure increases for […]

What is the state of your air?

Yesterday, the American Lung Association released the 2011 State of the Air – a report card on air pollution in communities across the nation. Although this year’s report shows that air quality has generally improved over the last few years in most parts of the country, many of our Southeastern states fail to make the […]

Scientists debate human influence on climate

OK, it’s time to come clean. There is, indeed, controversy about the role of human activity in driving greenhouse gas emissions and thus our influence on the climate. Yes, it is still true that 95% of active climate researchers accept the consensus position about the impacts of current human activity on climate change. (Furthermore, there […]

25 Years from Chernobyl to Fukushima

–SACE High Risk Energy Program Director Sara Barczak assisted with this post. Today, April 26, marks 25 years since the beginning of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in the former Soviet Union, when reactor Unit 4 exploded and spewed massive amounts of radiation across Europe. Even after a quarter of a century, hundreds of square miles […]

Steady Breeze Brings Jobs to North Carolina

This blog was co-authored by former SACE staff Katie Stokes & Glenn Mauney. There’s wind in the North Carolina desert!  OK, it’s not really a desert.  An area in Perquimans and Pasquotank counties in northeastern N.C., locally referred to as ‘the Desert’, may soon be home to N.C.’s first wind farm.  Iberdrola Renewables recently announced […]

April 22: Japan Nuclear Disaster Update

Six weeks have passed since Japan was struck by the massive quake and simultaneous tsunami that initiated the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, and the situation is still not under control. Tokyo Electric Power Company has estimated that it will take nine months to completely seal off the radiation coming from the […]

Moving from Earth Day to Clean Energy Days

The current methods of producing and consuming energy in the U.S. have the largest environmental impact of anything that we as citizens do on a day-to-day basis. I believe a meaningful Earth Day cannot exist without having a “Clean Energy Day.” In the South, we’ve recently experienced two of the largest environmental disasters in the […]

TVA settlement will bring benefits to the Valley without raising rates

The recently announced settlement between TVA, the Environmental Protection Agency, several states and public interest organization should provide significant environmental and economic benefits to the Tennessee Valley. And no, it won’t raise our rates. As we reported in our April 14th blog, TVA’s Board of Directors has approved a settlement agreement with EPA, the states […]

Groups Demand Nuclear Regulators Put Safety First

As the Japan nuclear disaster continues, concerned interests are collaborating to hold the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) accountable to its stated mission to “[ensure] that people and the environment are protected.” Last week 45 groups and individuals across the U.S. joined in an unprecedented action to petition the NRC to suspend all nuclear reactor proceedings […]

While the Gulf Still Gently Weeps

Co-authored by Simon Mahan and Toni Reale It seems like yesterday when the airwaves were filled with the horrifying news that an exploratory oil rig had exploded in the Gulf of Mexico killing eleven men and spewing unknown quantities of crude into Gulf waters.  The explosion happened on April 20th 2010 and just two days […]