The Saddest Thing: First-hand Encounter of Oil on Florida and Alabama Beaches

On Monday, June 28, I walked the once pristine beaches of Perdido Key, Florida and was sickened by what I saw. Until recently, these beaches were arguably the whitest sugar-sand beaches in the world. I’ve spent time in this area during nearly every year of my life and never thought I would see this day […]

Hands Across the Sand United for Clean Energy

This blog post was co-authored by Toni Reale and Jennifer Rennicks On Saturday, June 26th tens of thousands of people gathered at more than 900 locations in 39 countries to be part of an event called Hands Across the Sand.  The message was simple, clear and powerful: NO to offshore drilling and YES to a […]

Dams in the desert, windmills in the doldrums, biopower in the Berkshires

From SACE’s perspective, the Manomet study of biomass and carbon offers an important new way to describe and think-through the possible impacts on the climate from biomass energy. Although the study’s findings are limited in geographic scope, the methodology can be applied elsewhere to great benefit.

Oil Companies stop at nothing, Judge Overturns Drilling Moratorium

On May 27th, with oil still gushing into the Gulf from the tragic BP disaster, President Obama finally flexed his executive authority to put a temporary halt on risky offshore drilling.  The President not only extended a six-month moratorium on new deepwater drilling in the Gulf and the Arctic, but also canceled the sale of […]

Join Hands Across the Sand this Saturday

On summer weekends visitors and residents alike head to beaches across our region to surf, fish, swim and play. One hard reality of the still-ongoing Gulf oil disaster is that at least 100 miles of Gulf coastline cannot welcome people or animals due to the oil and tar balls that continue to wash up on […]

Its Official – Taxpayers Take On Nuclear Risk

While our government is demanding that BP pay up for the oil disaster in the Gulf, it is offering up billions of Americans’ hard earned money to another high risk energy player — the wealthy nuclear power industry to build costly new nuclear reactors. Will this be another disaster waiting to happen? Today the utility […]

Field Update from the Front Lines of the Oil Disaster

Guest blog by Linda Young, Director of the Clean Water Network of Florida As I sit here typing, wave after wave of oil is washing ashore in Orange Beach, AL and there is not one skimmer boat in sight. Senator Bill Nelson (FL) has said that the Coast Guard command and control operations are not […]

Congressman Barton Apologizes to BP ?!?

This video clip is so outrageous it speaks for itself: httpv://……. In his opening remarks at House Energy and Commerce hearing, Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) actually apologized to BP CEO Tony Hayward. Barton would have us believe that the greatest tragedy of the Gulf oil disaster is not the livelihoods or ecosystems destroyed nor the […]

The Time Is Now, We Can Wait No Longer

This blog is a special re-post from the original Huffington Post blog by Gloria Reuben.  Gloria is a nationally known environmental activist and a special 
advisor to The Alliance for Climate Protection. Last fall I traveled to West Virginia to witness mountaintop removal coal mining. I had never seen such destruction of the environment by […]

Beyond Petroleum – How communities and decision makers are responding to the Gulf oil disaster

Although the oil continues to gush and new photographs of oil-soaked birds and wetlands are circulated daily, some residents and leaders in the Gulf region are looking beyond the current petroleum disaster to seek needed long-term solutions. Tonight hundreds of people (organizers report upwards of 500 RSVP’s as of this morning) will gather in St. […]