Ridiculous rate rhetoric

“Energy efficiency will be the single most important source of energy available to the world’s economies in the years to come.” Rex Tillerson, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of ExxonMobil Corporation. When someone like Rex Tillerson gives a strong endorsement to energy efficiency, it is clear that there is a wide consensus that energy efficiency […]

New GA Report Offers Efficiency Alternatives to Dirty Coal

On Tuesday, March 9th the Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies out of Chattanooga, TN released a report entitled, “Energy Efficiency as an Alternative Strategy for the Power4Georgians EMC“.  The report identifies how the Electric Membership Corporations (EMCs) investing in the Plant Washington coal facility would benefit their local communities by investing in energy efficiency instead. […]

Lawmakers must create renewable-energy jobs

Opinion Editorial by Stephen Smith Originally published March 19, 2009 in the Orlando Sentinel Aaron Deslatte’s column, “Legislature 2010: Can Lawmakers Create Jobs?” on OrlandoSentinel.com recently, provided a good overview of the efforts that the state Legislature is considering to lower Florida’s high unemployment rate. In Deslatte’s column, House Speaker Larry Cretul says, “We’ve all […]

ACEEE says more, More, MORE energy efficiency

“Energy efficiency can create 38,000 new jobs for North Carolinians while saving consumers $3.6 billion in energy bills, and meet one quarter of NC’s energy needs,” according to a new report released today by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).  More jobs, lower energy bills … and hundreds of million dollars in stronger […]

NC Experts Spar Over Future Energy Plans

John D. Wilson co-wrote this blog. What’s the future for energy in the Tarheel state? This week, the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) considered the energy plans of Duke Energy, Progress Energy and Dominion Power. Each year, North Carolina utilities are required to update their 15-year plan. An Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) explains how each […]

Energy efficiency also helps low-income customers

  State House Rep. Joe Gibbons – Photo: Tallahassee Democrat Rep. Joe Gibbons has kindly allowed us to reprint his published essay.  He addresses the critical need that low-income utility customers have for expanded energy efficiency programs.  As demonstrated in a recent study by Florida Power & Light , low-income residents participate in energy efficiency programs […]

Tracking the Biodiesel Industry

Policies that will Help Grow the Industry The past 12 months have been a rough time for the biodiesel industry and some believe much of the biodiesel industry’s problems are self-induced. The industry has been betting that two federal policies, a tax credit (blenders credit) and production requirement (called the Renewable Fuel Standard), would help […]

Florida RPS: Glass half-full or half-empty?

Opposition to a state RPS is economically self-defeating

North Carolina Asks the Climate Question

March 2nd and 3rd, 2010 marked a significant step forward for North Carolina on dealing with the challenges and opportunities posed by climate change. For the first time in North Carolina’s history both state and federal agencies came together to discuss how to craft and adopt policies that would prepare the state for both immediate […]

Wind powering the Emerald Isle

Each year, St. Patrick’s Day brings out the Irish in all of us – that unexplainable urge to wear green, to enjoy soda bread with a Guinness and to listen to fiddle music.  These days, Ireland offers an entirely new way to ‘go green’ as the Emerald Isle boldly charges into the 21st century powered, […]