The US is on board with the Copenhagen Accord

Update: as of Monday, February 1, 57 nations (including the 27-member European Union) are likely to or have associated with the Copenhagen Accord, representing 73.3% of global emissions. January 31, 2010 is the deadline for nations supporting the Copenhagen Accord to submit their greenhouse gas emissions reduction plans. Today, just days before the deadline, the […]

SACE is carbon neutral

SACE is officially certified as “carbon neutral” after working to lower its carbon footprint and offset 100% of its carbon emissions. SACE’s first priority is to invest in office energy efficiency improvements, make healthy travel choices, and to operate extensive recycling programs in our offices to minimize our total carbon impact as much as feasible. […]

Mixed Signals in the State of the Union Address

In tonight’s State of the Union speech, President Obama highlighted myriad issues  confronting Americans today from an economic crisis to high unemployment to ongoing military conflicts in the Middle East.  What these varied issues have in common is that meaningful clean energy policies could provide workable solutions.

EPA Rules Mean Big Challenges Ahead for Dirty Coal

In recent months, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken great strides to improve air quality and protect the environment by proposing stricter standards for ozone and sulfur dioxide, and begin regulation of coal ash waste and greenhouse gases.  If these standards and regulations are implemented, they could inhibit the development of new coal-fired power […]

While Cape Wind Awaits, South Carolina Advances Offshore Wind

For most of the past decade (8.5 years to be exact),  America has been talking about developing her first offshore wind farm. With all eyes turned towards New England, we have witnessed a high-profile, public, all out Not-In-My-Backyard brawl. The brawl that spanned the entire Bush administration recently took another black eye on January 4, […]

Billions of dollars pour into energy efficiency

Well, Gil, solar isn’t the only clean energy industry that shows promising growth. According to Elisha Wood, investors and the public are backing energy efficiency with their cash. “VCs and angels—have targeted the energy efficiency as the next frontier in green tech investing,” the report said, noting that “a slew of money” was channeled into […]

Solar manufacturing continues to grow in Tennessee

Good news on solar manufacturing continued this week in Tennessee when Governor Bredesen announced yet another solar company, Confluence Solar, would set up a new $200 million solar manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facility in Clinton, Tennessee (just north of Knoxville). According to a local news report, the facility will bring at least 250 new jobs […]

Industry groups pushing hard to influence EPA decision on coal ash

Industry lobbyists are working hard to influence the EPA’s decision on whether to classify coal ash as a hazardous substance.  According to a recent reports by the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, White House officials have held nearly twenty meetings with industry groups since last October to discuss the possible implications of classifying […]

New Climate Videos for Latino Communities in Florida

VEA NUESTROS BLOG EN ESPANOL With last month’s climate talks in Copenhagen and a reinvigorated international interest in global warming issues, the time is right to expand southeastern engagement and education about global warming. Today, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is releasing new Spanish translated versions of our Treasured Places in Peril, Florida Everglades […]

Captando la Comunidad Latina de Florida sobre El Cambio Climatico

READ OUR BLOG IN ENGLISH Tras las discusiones el mes pasado en Copenhagen y un interés vigorizado en asuntos del calentamiento global, es la hora para ampliar la participación del sureste y la educación del calentamiento global. Hoy, La Coalición Sureño para Energía Limpia está publicando traducciones en español de nuestros videos educativos Lugares Preciados […]