Rebirth or Retreat: Are We Better Prepared Four Years After Katrina?

Four years and four months ago today Hurricane Katrina (soon followed by Hurricane Rita) ravaged the Gulf Coast claiming thousands of lives and leaving over 800,000 displaced.  Four years is a long time to reflect on the tragedies that unfolded (the mismanagement of the evacuation, the failure of the levees and the delay of aid […]

A year since the Kingston disaster and still no coal ash regulations

How long will it take before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lives up to its responsibility to protect human health and the environment?  With respect to coal combustion waste, apparently a little longer.  The EPA’s December 17th announcement that it will delay a proposal for regulating coal combustion waste (CCW) is another disappointing turn in […]

Georgia Coops Get It Wrong Again

Another New Coal Plant Proposed in South Georgia by Power4Georgians Power4Georgians is at it again.  Just recently, citizens in Ben Hill County started hearing rumors that Power4Georgians, a consortium made up of Snapping Shoals EMC, Central GA EMC, Washington County EMC, Upson EMC, and Cobb EMC is looking to develop another 850 MW coal-fired power […]

Out With The Coal, In With The New

Recently in the Southeast we’ve had some exciting announcements about utility plans to begin retiring and repowering some of their oldest and dirtiest coal plants.  By our estimate, eleven retirements are in the works representing over 25 million tons of annual carbon dioxide emissions.  As the proverbial ‘writing on the wall’ gets clearer that global […]

So what Really Happened in Copenhagen?

This post was co-authored by Stephen Smith and Jennifer Rennicks Well, it depends on who you ask? While the United Nations climate talks are officially over, the world does not have the fair, ambitious, and binding treaty that science demands of us to protect all global citizens, rich and poor, from the perils of accelerating climate change. This […]

Live from Copenhagen: So The Climate Talks Are Winding Down

So the Climate talks are winding down, leaders of National governments are leaving town, including President Obama, it’s approaching midnight here in Copenhagen and I don’t believe we have a clear understanding of what, if any, “deal” has been done. There was an unprecedented build up to these talks, tremendous hope and expectations from citizens […]

Copenhagen Close-up: Denmark’s Thrifty Use of Bioenergy

Both open-burning and rotting are worst-case scenarios for the climate.

Copenhagan Close-Up: Black Carbon – small particle, big problem

This post was co-authored by John Wilson, Laura Wilson and Anne Blair Being so close to the Arctic here in Copenhagen, I have been listening carefully to what people have to say about the melting of the polar ice cap. While scientists still agree that carbon dioxide is the major driver of global warming, nearly […]

Live in Copenhagen: Rep. Blackburn plays politics at the expense of the planet

It was with great disappointment that I watched the congresswoman’s republican response to the President’s weekly radio address last Saturday. She is now in Copenhagen as part of the U.S. Congressional Delegation. Her grandstanding appears to be more aimed at her growing Sara Palin wannabe ambition and appealing to the hard right teabag wing of the […]

Live in Copenhagen: Climate talks in rough waters

Over the past two days, climate negotiations have entered some very rough waters with violent protests outside and simmering tensions within.  The snowy, colder weather has done little to cool tensions among the delegates and between UN organizers and disenfranchised attendees.  As world leaders begin arriving here in Copenhagen during the next 24 hours, thousands […]