Drill Baby Drill the Right Way

Would you believe that an environmental advocate hired a drill rig to help reduce global warming pollution? No, I wasn’t drilling for oil or gas, or burying my carbon dioxide (hmmm). I was installing a geothermal system for my home. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8_6bGBHYts The geothermal system design we chose actually provides us with three services: cooling, heating […]

President to Attend Copenhagen Climate Talks

Administration Announces U.S. Emission Target for Copenhagen The White House announced today that President Obama will travel to Copenhagen on Dec. 9 to participate in the United Nations Climate Change Conference, where he is eager to work with the international community to drive progress toward a comprehensive and operational Copenhagen accord. The President has worked […]

The Copenhagen Diagnosis

Updated Science Report Provides Window Into Key Climate Trends As the world prepares for the next round of international climate talks in Copenhagen, a new study has been released on the recent science. The Copenhagen Diagnosis, which was a year in the making, documents the key findings in climate change science since the publication of […]

Major Step for Wind Power in the Southeast

This post was co-authored by Dr. Stephen Smith and Toni Reale, SACE’s coastal program coordinator. On Monday, November 23rd the U.S. Department of Energy awarded $45 million under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to a consortium led by Clemson University’s Restoration Institute to build the World’s first large offshore wind turbine drive-train testing facility. […]

Protecting Georgians from Unfair Costs for New Reactors

Concerned your home or business electric bills will increase needlessly for new nuclear power reactors that may never get built? Or if these reactors get built in Georgia, concerned there’s no telling how high your electric bills could get? Southern Alliance for Clean Energy shares your concerns. That’s why we’re suing Georgia utility regulators and […]

The Answer is Blowing in Our Mountains

The dust has settled after a last minute ban on mountain wind energy in North Carolina was inserted into an otherwise responsibly written state-wide wind permitting bill by the North Carolina Senate.  We believe now is the time to have a constructive and thoughtful dialogue about these issues to ensure that we protect local rights […]

Verify or Be Scammed – A Clean Energy Reminder

Should you bring a lie detector to your home energy audit?  Well, no, but you should count on putting some research and initiative into the project.  Unfortunately, with more investments in energy efficiency being made every day, it has attracted an unwelcome element into the market: greenwashing. Greenwashing, the practice of making unsubstantiated or misleading […]

The Buzz Before Copenhagen

I wanted to share some interesting posts from other blogs about events leading up to the international climate talks in Copenhagen, which are less than four weeks away.  First, here is a good overview of the meeting between the U.S. and China on global warming from NRDC’s blog, “Switchboard.” There’s lots of chatter about the […]

Alexander and Webb Tout More Nuclear Pork

On the floor of the U.S. Senate this Monday, Senator Lamar Alexander (TN-R) introduced the Clean Energy Act of 2009 that aims to double the amount of nuclear energy generated in the U.S. within 20 years by providing the nuclear power industry with billions of dollars in taxpayer-backed loan guarantees. The legislation was co-sponsored by […]

Case Builds Against Plant Washington in Georgia

As we begin to reflect on our 2009 coal challenge in Georgia, it is clear that the opposition to Plant Washington continues to grow and we are confident that in 2010 Power4Georgians, the consortium of EMC’s proposing this coal plant, will be fighting an uphill battle.  Over the course of 2009 we saw more and more […]