Algae to Energy in the Southeast

One of the planet’s simplest organisms — algae — may play a significant role in our work to create solutions to global warming. High oil-producing algae can be used to make biodiesel and, at the same time, provide a means for recycling waste carbon from fossil fuel combustion. To learn more, I recently attended a […]

President Obama visits Florida – a trip filled with irony

President Obama is visiting DeSoto County, Florida today to headline the opening ceremony of the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) facility in the country. This must signal that Florida is on its way to a clean energy future, right? Well, not so fast. The facility is certainly a testament to the vital role renewable energy should […]

Graphs to ponder – Temperature and global warming

Some polls suggest  the public seems to be cooling a bit to concern about global warming. For some reason, this graph comes to mind, and reminds me how remarkable it is that scientists alerted us to global warming as soon as they did. I did two college class projects in the late 1980s on global […]

Florida Utilities Drag State Efficiency Ranking Down

This post is co-authored by Brandi Colander, NRDC, and John D. Wilson, SACE. Florida is the dim bulb in the otherwise efficiency-dark Southeast, and the 2009 Energy Efficiency Scorecard from ACEEE shows how badly its electric utilities are dragging Florida’s ranking down. Slipping from 19th to 23rd in the country in a much-improved study, the […]

Rice Owls Light Up a Rainy Day With Solar Energy

“The sun was not shining, it was too wet too  play . . .” but the ZEROW House was still generating away! With apologies to Dr. Seuss, I have to put in a big plug for the students of Rice University (my alma mater) and the other Solar Decathlon teams that braved a “stunning streak […]

Will the Florida Public Service Commission Stick with the Status Quo on Efficiency?

The Florida Public Service Commission staff have just issued their recommendation for the next decade of energy efficiency programs in Florida. Their recommendation, see document 10584-09, is to stick with the status quo, burdening Florida with billions of dollars in unnecessary energy costs and the construction of unnecessary power plants costing tens of billions of […]

Treasured Places in Peril South Carolina

This video tells the history and stories of places in South Carolina that are particularly vulnerable to the effects of global warming. Places such as Charleston and the Lowcountry’s coastal bays and swamps as well as Southern Appalachia’s mountain streams are treasured places valued by residents and visitors each year. The message of this video […]

Pay now for what you might get later

Last Wednesday, the St. Petersburg Times recognized the “Powerful Savings” available to Florida by investing in conservation. Yet the chief obstacle to conservation remains Florida’s commitment to overinvest in nuclear power. Even if the utilities had not biased their efficiency analysis with nonsensical limitations, their assumption that unlicensed nuclear reactors would be built on schedule […]

Duke Announces Solar on Customer Rooftops

Want solar on your rooftop, but can’t afford to buy the panels yourself? If you’re a Duke Energy customer, you can sign up with your utility to install their solar panels on your rooftop. Duke Energy announced the selected sites of the first phase of its 10 megawatt, $50 million distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) program […]

TVA making efforts to keep public engaged in planning process

As you probably know, TVA is currently engaged in a resource planning process that will shape how TVA meets future energy needs in the Tennessee Valley over the next 20 years.  While SACE has been unsuccessful in advocating for complete transparency in the planning process, several steps have been adopted to try and include the […]