House passes historic clean energy legislation

Today the House of Representatives took advantage of an historic opportunity to open the valve on clean energy jobs and economic opportunities, save consumers money and establish a legal limit on global warming pollution by passing the American Clean Energy and Security Act by a vote of 219 to 212.  Click here to find out […]

TVA Ash Spill Root Cause Analysis Released

A last-minute announcement came in Wednesday regarding a press briefing to announce a new analysis of the root cause of the Dec. 22 TVA coal ash spill in Harriman, Tenn. Fortunately, I was able to watch the briefing occur online despite being excluded from the event upon request. But despite this misstep by TVA, I […]

Picturing our (Clean Energy) Future

Right now the House of Representatives is debating energy legislation that (for the first time ever) will include global-warming reduction measures, and votes are expected later today. From newspaper ads to television spots to action alerts to rally the troops, the proponents and opponents of moving America away from the fossil-fuel age are building their […]

SACE promotes solar energy locally in Knoxville

One of the great partnerships that SACE has going is working with the City of Knoxville on their Solar America Cities Program. The City of Knoxville along with a strong group of partners has really stepped up to aggressively move forward on energy issues. To recognize their achievements, the City of Knoxville received the 2009 Tennessee […]

Shhh! The climate bill will reduce electricity bills. (They won’t believe it.)

While utility executives are trying to scare people with claims that “climate and energy policy is a conspiracy of the Northeast and the West Coast to drive the cost of electric power up in the South to slow southern economic development,” NRDC has just released a report that shows the average electric bill will go […]

Analysts say clean energy bill is affordable

The House of Representatives is scheduled to open debate on the American Clean Energy and Security Act tomorrow.  While detractors want to make cost appear to be a major sticking point, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) both released reports saying the cost to American households will be small. Back […]

Listen Up! Global Warming Webinar Series

SACE LAUNCHES SUCCESSFUL GLOBAL WARMING WEBINAR SERIES As we enter a new political era that favors actively addressing climate and energy legislation, citizens across broad spectrums of our society must come together and have a unified voice when advocating for global warming solutions.  We have a chance, like never before, to engage new people in […]

Southeast looks to Congress for strong building efficiency codes

As the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES) makes it way through Congress, SACE has expressed some important concerns, notably the weak energy resource standards and allowance give-aways. But there is still a lot to like in the proposed legislation. One of those things is the development of national energy efficiency building codes. While […]

Carolinas moving forward on energy efficiency

With less fanfare than you might expect, state governments and utilities in the Carolinas have moved forward on energy efficiency. In total, we estimate that these programs could reduce electricity demand by about 8% in 2020. Cumulative Impacts Total North Carolina South Carolina Duke Energy Progress Energy 2009-2020 New Efficiency Initiatives Efficiency Building Codes Update […]

Hit the Streets: Take Part in a National Day of Climate Action

Later this month, the United States House of Representatives may pass the first clean energy and climate bill in its history. But the US doesn’t need just any bill: we need a bill that is strong enough to create millions of clean energy jobs and begin to tackle climate change. So now it’s time for […]