Economy drives electric power use down in Southeast

Electric power use in the southeast declined over the last year three times more than the national average, according to the March 2009 Electric Power Monthly report. Looking at the electric power sector only, electric power demand dropped by 2.7% in 2008. Presumably the economic downturn is the reason for this dramatic drop in power […]

With friends like this….

Last Sunday, “60 Minutes”  on CBS aired an interview with Duke Energy’s CEO, Jim Rogers.  I watched the segment again last night, and I wanted to take a minute to reflect on what I heard.  All I can say is it is very sad. I first met Rogers in the North Carolina Utility Commission hearing […]

Visualizing The Grid

A fun and informative link on NPR about the grid and power plants. Here’s a snip showing coal plants in the Southeast. Visit NPR’s site to see more.

Rename the coast!

Nate Silver is a master at visualizing the obvious in politics, and he’s branched out to offer a keen insight for those of us working to address the global warming crisis. This chart, adopted from a very interesting new survey (Climate Change in the American Mind) of 2,164 American adults on climate policy, reveals part […]

Duke Energy CEO and NASA climate scientist featured on “60 Minutes”

In a preview of this Sunday’s episode of “60 Minutes,” which will feature Duke Energy’s CEO and Jim Hansen (NASA’s top climate scientist), Sue Sturgis over at the Institute for Southern Studies reminds us that energy companies that cling to dirty energy are under increasing pressure. Watch a preview of the 60 Minutes segment here. […]

Florida’s renewable energy future in jeopardy. Meanwhile, where is the Governor?

The prospect of the Florida Legislature passing a Florida renewable energy target (RPS) that would drive investment and jobs in renewable energy technologies is in serious jeopardy – in fact, the Florida House leadership has taken a giant step backwards by endorsing a misguided plan (HB 1219)  to allow drilling as close as 3 miles […]

TVA distributors looking to expand into owning generation facilities

The debate over building new generation in the Tennessee Valley could take a significant turn with the passage of legislation currently being considered in the Tennessee legislature. This legislation would give the green light to TVA’s distributors to pool their resources to purchase electricity generation equipment. Entitled the “Electric G&T Cooperative Act”, the legislation authorizes […]

Smith Family solar home

I wanted to get a post up about my family’s solar home. I started a much longer version, but have not had the time to finish, so here is the short version. The first step on any solar home is to begin working on reducing energy demand. Energy efficiency is a must; it makes no […]

Florida’s renewable energy future slipping away

With less than two weeks remaining in the Legislative session, the hope for Florida to power its future using truly clean, safe and renewable energy resources dwindles. Governor Crist’s commendable target to have 20% of electricity generated by Florida utilities to come from renewable energy resources by 2020, known as the Florida Renewable Portfolio Standard […]

“No we can’t” a tired refrain about renewable energy in Georgia

Georgia Public Service Commissioner Stan Wise has already demonstrated that he is uninformed about the state’s renewable energy potential, and I guess today he thought he would remind us.  Commissioner Wise’s pessimistic outlook on a clean energy future shows that he doesn’t have the vision necessary to bring our energy infrastructure into the 21st Century, […]