Can dirt be clean?

Buried in my backyard is a few hundred pounds of what may be one of the most interesting solutions to global warming: biochar. And today I see that CNN is reporting on the Georgia facility where I bought my charcoal dirt. Over the railroad tracks, near Agriculture Drive on the University of Georgia campus, sits […]

Bravo Senators! Thank you for saying no to mountain-top removal mining.

Earlier this week, two United States senators, Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD), introduced bipartisan legislation to prohibit the dumping of mining waste into streams, effectively ending the practice of mountain-top removal mining (MTR).  The Appalachia Restoration Act would amend the federal Clean Water Act from the 1970s. This legislation would be a […]

Coalition issues “National Call to Action on Global Warming”

Last month President Obama asked Congress to cap global warming pollution through market-based legislation, and our leaders in Congress have set an ambitious timeline to begin doing just that.  As Congress and President Obama move forward to put a cap on global warming pollution, there are numerous details that must be worked out.  It’s important […]

Yes, there is renewable energy in the southeast

We must have hit a nerve somewhere, because our opponents are bringing forward a country music phenom turned energy expert who says our song won’t play. Lance Brown, executive director of the otherwise-unknown “Partnership for Affordable Clean Energy,” says that we’re exaggerating when we claim that “unproven resources such as solar, wind, and biomass to […]

Senator’s ‘fossil’ energy theory a remnant of the past

Senator Alexander’s ideas about energy are as outdated as the fossil fuels he supports.  In a recent op-ed published in the Chattanooga Free Times (see below), the Senator cites our nation’s excessive energy use and current low percentage of electricity coming from renewable sources as reasons why renewables won’t make it anytime soon. The Senator […]

Vote for SACE

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy needs your vote! SACE entered our idea into the contest hosted by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and, a partnership that created the Changing Climate Change Challenge to support work on reducing climate change. Your vote will help us win $200,000 for our project, designed to build the political will […]

Lets Make Florida Open for Renewable Business

tallahassee_capitol_complex_pr11224Getting a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) adopted into Florida legislation this session is a top priority for SACE and our campaign partners, the Renewable Energy Alliance (REAL).

On March 10, I spoke before two important legislative committees in the Florida House (Energy and Utilities Policy) and Senate (Communications, Energy and Pubic Utilities). I want to thank State Representative Keegel and State Senator King for providing an opportunity to discuss the PSC’s proposal, initiated by Governor Crist’s executive order that would require utilities produce 20 percent of power from renewable sources by 2020.

Utilizing renewable energy has big implications for economic recovery in the state including the potential to jump-start the market (see coverage). Regulatory policies and financial barriers make it difficult to enter the renewable energy market, and introducing a RPS into legislation will open the doors for much-needed job creation, business innovation, and an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Efficiency & Utility Financial Incentives, A Southeastern Perspective

One of the far-reaching provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-5, link may not work yet), is the energy efficiency policy included in Section 410, Part D of Title III of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act. There are a number of energy efficiency provisions in the economic recovery […]

Hundreds of Economists Sign SACE Statement on Cap-and-Trade Auctions

It’s hard enough to get a few people to agree about where to have dinner, so when more than 600 of America’s leading economists agree on something there must be little doubt about it. On March 4, 2009, SACE released a statement signed by more than 600 economists who agree that Congress must auction pollution […]